A group of Nordic partners have joined together to develop a collaborative platform to support the Nordic solutions internationally. Business Finland, CLEAN, Innovation Norway, Promote Island, Smart Innovation Norway and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, have the unique opportunity to collaborate with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in supporting their 90+ cities to deliver concrete actions to complex climate challenges.

We see cities as the demand drivers of change in the move to become more and more sustainable. These cities are very attractive for individual companies in the Nordics, however, such global cities demand solutions rather than individual components and technologies which often becomes too big a challenge for individual companies. This is where Nordic Solutions for C40 can help!

What are we aiming for?

By combining the strength of the Nordics and collaborating with C40’s network of global cities, Nordic Solutions for C40 will create a self-sustaining Nordic platform that will develop a space for joint Nordic business-to-business collaboration to respond to the climate change challenges and opportunities received through the C40 Network.

Nordic Solutions for C40 aims to:

  • Develop a platform and process for collaboration across the business networks in the Nordics
  • Engage with international cities that demand and procure sustainable solutions.
  • Facilitate systematic involvement of Nordic companies by building consortia and closing contracts for international projects

Strong starting point!

The partners in the Nordic Solutions for C40 have already established a strong working relationship through working together in activities at the Barcelona Smart City World Congress and Expo, Smart City New York Expo, and in organising the Sustainable Urban Solutions conference in Copenhagen which was part of the Nordic Clean Energy Week. The partners regard these activities as important strategic building blocks to realise a larger goal of boosting Nordic exports and these future events will support the initiatives for the Nordic Solutions for C40.